Unfortunately, our doctors didn’t learn how to read crystal balls in vet school. The good news is, they have other diagnostic tools they can use to help figure out what’s going on with your pet without having to wave a magic wand!

We will customize an optimal treatment plan for your pet’s needs. Our doctors are highly skilled in all aspects of diagnostics, but they also have years of experience, whether it is annual screening labwork or x-rays of a swollen toe, we will work to get results quickly and efficiently using the best tools available.


We send most of our labwork to an outside laboratory with next-day or same-day turnaround time. We also have the ability to perform in-house diagnostics, including some bloodwork, cytology, and imaging. No matter what it is, we will make sure to go over every aspect with you in detail so it all makes sense!

Digital Radiology

Radiology (x-rays) are a critical tool that allows us to diagnose various conditions that may be affecting your pet, including intestinal obstructions, heart and lung diseases, and bladder stones. When indicated, images can be sent out to a board-certified Radiologist for interpretation.


Not sure what’s up with your furry friend? We use advanced diagnostics like ultrasound to help us get a better understanding of how your pet is feeling. We know that sometimes it can be hard to tell what’s wrong with them, so we use this technology to help us see what’s happening inside their bodies. Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging tool that allows us to see internal soft tissue organs. We work with traveling ultrasonographers who come to our hospital on an as-needed basis to perform abdominal ultrasounds and echocardiograms. Using this tool, we can attempt to further aid in the diagnosis of your pet’s condition. Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool that creates a real-time image of an animal’s body, we can quickly assess and use the images to get to the bottom of things.

Have questions about diagnostic imaging or want to schedule a consultation for your pet? Call us at 973-283-5515.