Love for animals.

This is our primary driving factor and the reason we wanted to become veterinarians. We aim to show this from the moment the pet walks in the door and is greeted by our welcoming front desk to the moment they leave with a tail wag or a scratch under the chin. Fostering the human-animal bond is our most important goal and purpose.


Clients should be able to trust each dedicated member of our team with any questions or concerns they may have about their beloved pets. Each and every team member, regardless of their job title, is knowledgeable and approachable regarding all aspects of veterinary medicine and takes pride in keeping the hospital efficient, clean, and presentable.


We provide an environment in which our staff will want to come to work each day. Truly. Veterinary medicine is emotionally and physically draining, and the technicians, receptionists, and doctors who give their all each day deserve to have a great place to work. We may not be Google or Facebook, but we will strive to provide a positive, happy, rewarding work environment for our staff.


Our relationship with our clients is transparent, open, and honest. We make it clear to pet owners that we are all a dedicated part of their pet care team.


Lyons Veterinary Hospital is a family-owned and operated business, and we want our clients to know they are part of our family! Whether it’s through merchandise, a special treat, or a hospital event like kitten yoga, our clients are an extension of the LVH family.